Monday, October 26, 2009

Babies and Beer!!!

My cousin just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and so my parents decided to come up and visit the baby this weekend. My cousin only lives a few blocks away from me so they made me go with them. Fine. I mean I would have had to see the baby anyway at some point so at least with them there it cuts out the wierd akwardness of me staring at a baby and going "yeah...she's cute...awesome...congrats." So we get there and my cousins in laws (her husband's parents) were there helping out. These people were so not my cup of tea at all. For example...when we all got there (me, my cousin's wife lesley-who is a doll and I love to death ;) and my parentals.) the mother-in-law goes up to lesley and says "so who are you?" and lesley says "I'm lauren's cousin micheals wife." and the m-law says "wait, who are you?" and again lesley repeats "i'm married to lauren's cousin" and the m-law for the third time goes "wait so who are you?" which at this point prompted Jeremy(lauren's husband) to say "mom she is married to Lauren's cousin, you met her at the wedding!!" Now I don't know if this woman was hard of hearing or stupid or what but i found that extremely rude. Just say oh nice to see you again and move on. Come on lady!!! So then Lauren brought us into the room to see the thing (woops, sorry the baby) and ok she is pretty cute (lets be honest all babies for the most part look the same...and this kid is only 11 days old...) so anyway my mom said "oh, she's beautiful..I think she looks a little like you lauren when you were a baby." this is not unreasonable for my mother to say condsidering she was there when lauren was born(sorry to date you mom) like 30+ years ago and Jeremy's mom than says "well, i guess nobody thinks jeremy is cute?" seriously wtf lady?? Nobody was trying to be this point i had seen the baby done the obligatory, " cute...congrats" and was ready to get the hell out of there. However, my mother wouldnt put the baby down then proceeded to chase me around with it (ok maybe i am being a little dramatic...she didnt exactly chase me...ok fine she didnt chase me at all..) she holds the baby up to my face and goes...ok liz now its your turn find a husband so I can have one!!!! and that i'm not kidding about!!! WTF HELL TO THE NO!!! is my response to that. I so knew that was going to happen. She sees the baby and now she will have baby on the brain and proceed to harass us for the next several years until one of her 3 children have a kid. So just to discourage her from any baby thoughts and show her how i so do not have baby on the brain in fact i am the farthest thing from that...I sit down with my dad proceed to drink a beer and watch the 'bama game. and no i am not rude becuase all of the men in the house were watching the well. Further evidence I do not have a man becuase I am too much like one. I would rather watch a football game with my dad then coo over a baby. (speaking of- it was an awesome game where bama just managed to squeeze by with the victory in the last 4 secs of the game!!! roll tide roll!!!)

So yeah no babies for me...yet...maybe someday...

The best part of this experience though was my dad looking over at me giving me a knowing smile with a twinkle in his eye...not putting any pressure on me at all to do or be anything but having all the faith in the world in me (it's like we share our own private secret where we don't have to say anything but we know)that there are better things yet to come ...

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