Thursday, February 4, 2010

a lesson in life or something like it...

So you are probably wondering why I have a picture of ramen posted today. Well my friends the simple answer to that is because I eat ramen kind of a lot. Why? because when you are trying to make it as an actor/actress and are dead broke sometimes ramen noodles are your only option. How does this relate to life? Well in the past few months I have seen people that I more or less started out with, who were basically in the same position as me (living in a small ass apt with a million other people, surviving on ramen, splurging on dollar know its sad when you get excited that you can actually afford a slice of pizza in manhattan) become extremely successful. Like I'm talking movie with meryl streep successful. I think this is awesome for them (and No i am not trying to sound like a negative nancy follow me on this one there is a light at the end of my sarcastic tunnel). My point is anything can happen in this crazy acting world. Oneday you are eating ramen in the dark because your electricity has been turned off becuase you can't afford to pay your bill (i kid things havent really been that bad) and then next day you are in a movie with meryl streep and those ramen and ratholes are just a distant memory. Why do i keep bringing up meryl streep (besides my obvious gay man obsession) because over christmas i went to see meryl streeps new movie with alec baldwin and one of the girls that plays her daughter i actually know. I did my first ever student film with her through nyu when i moved to the city 4 years ago. Alot can happen in 4 years...she is now doing a major motion picture...i'm still eating ramen...(i kid i kid) things have been progressing I finally got an agent which is a big deal and maybe in the next four years ill be making a movie and some other chica can blog abt

So in conclusion sometimes life can kick you down and spit on you (and "so can a homeless man" according to my friend stephanie) but when that happens pick yourself up dust yourself off and move on. One of my sorority sisters gave me a good quote today (yes i was in a sorority) "When life throws lemons at you, ask for some vodka and make some lemon drops" thanks gigi :)

"Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it." I'm just trying to make it one day at a time and Godwilling one day my time will come :)

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  1. Ohhhhhh I know how you feel. A mutual "friend" of ours is doing really well here. He's the talk of the theatrical town, actually! For all it's worth, I'm really proud of you. You'll get it, just keep at it :)