Monday, March 15, 2010

So friday night I had the pleasure of going to a read-thru for this awesome film im lucky enough to be part of... It was superfun and everyone there was super cool and chill. Im so excited to be part of this its gonna be awesome... So anyway the director ordered a bunch of pizzas for us to munch on before we had our read thru. (Now if you know me as I have said many times before I will do anything for food.) So that being said I am clearly that fatass of the group who goes up there first and starts to chow down. In the past I have been a little bit more shy about being the first one to grab food but screw that i have since learned you snooze you lose.(Luckily the girl sitting next to me also jumped up and started housing food with me. I took an instant liking to her when she looked at me and goes "would it be wrong if i took two"...i was like "i was thinking the same thing". Hey a girl's got to eat and I am not embarrased to admit i love food. (I am so not like those skinny bitch actresses you read about in magazines who like work out like a maniac and maybe once a week have a hamburger or something and then feel so guilty about it they have to use some wierd fatburning pill or something to get rid of the "weight" they think 1 frigin cheeseburger has put on them.) I love carbs and am not afraid to admit it. If they ever interviewed me (well if they gave me free food i doubt they would get a good interview because i would probably have my head buried in my plate shoveling in food. Not even kidding...)they would probably run away scared and then probably print something about how i was some weird bulomic on a binge or something. What people need to realize is being an actor alot of the time means you can't really afford to eat...see the ramen post. My coworker(who is not an actor but gets paid equally as crappy as i do) has gotten the cheap lunch down to an art. Peanut butter crackers a banana and a drink for 2.75. Too bad i hate peanut butter :(

The other thing i learned about myself at this read thru was that i can be a really judgemental bitch. There was this one girl there that for some reason looked so familiar but i couldnt figure out from where. She was totally presentable and put together and looked like a frigin model (let me point out that it had been raining all for someone to look that good is just unnatural in my opinion. I on the other hand looked like a drowned rat mixed with a wet poodle) I instantly decided she was probably a freak of nature and a really big bitch. Wow turns out I am the really big bitchface. This girl could not have been nicer or sweeter and it turns out we know mutual people (who are all really awesome)so the moral of the story is i should get off my high horse because i could have missed out on an oppurtunity to get to know a really cool girl.(Let me also point out that i am soo not God's gift so i really have no place to talk. or even be judgemental.I'm frankly surprised people dont talk about me more considering i have diarhea of the mouth and no filter so i will say whatever i am thinking...hence this blog...)

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