Friday, March 12, 2010

Would the girl who looks like snooki please sit her ass down...

So Yesterday I saw a post about an audition for a commercial for a skin company. They said they were looking for people between the ages of 25 to mid 30s. While I am about to be 27 (Yes its true) I def still look at max 17 or 18. But i figured what the hell. I'll send my picture its a paying gig the worst they can do is not respond. To my surprise the guy was like "great, come on in I'll see you later today". I was shocked but was like ok what the hell I'll go. (I'll pretty much do anything for an extra buck...within who am I kidding i'll pretty much do anything for a buck). So I get to this casting (p.s I literally had to walk through a gang of ghetto thug kids to get there- the building was next to a middle school. Let me point out the fact that you are a 12 year old pimply faced hoodrat. You are not cool by hanging outside of your school talking to some other equally ghetto hoodrat in a 1990 toyota taking up the sidewalk and pull up your pants i do not want to see your ass crack what are we living in the 1990s again wiggers are dead you dumbass. I may be a 100lb girl but i have a lot of rage so your choices are get out of my way or i will knock you out...) So anyway I get to this casting walk in and see that everyone there is a lot older than me. Part of me wants to run the other way ( i do not want to embarrass myself infront of these casting people and walk in the room and they just look at me like what the f are you doing here... didn't you read the breakdown...I have had this happen to me and it's not pretty...but in my defense you saw my headshot and you were the one who called me in so really maybe you are the one with the issue..hmmm?) but the other part of me just had my voiceover teachers voice running through my head...sometimes you maybe the odd ball out but that can be good because sometimes they don't know what they are looking for and if you're different maybe you can bring something different to the table and they realize they want you...sometimes they don't know what they want. (and sometimes they do as previously mentioned and you end up being the akward odd ball out and then you are screwed!) however, his voice stuck in my head so I stayed I just kept thinking maybe i may not be right for this but who knows they may like me enough to keep me in mind for something else. (see see what i did there i turned a negative experience into a positive one...maybe i really am growing So anywho I stayed and was trying to not let the fact that i was the ugly duckling in a sea of swans (so to speak... i was the odd one out) try to bother me. Then walks in snooki(well not really snooki but a girl who looked almost exactly like her and was def as annoying). This girl was so obnoxious i wanted to reach over and punch her in the face. Ok I just took a voiceover class I get it. It is important to read material allowed so you can hear how it sounds and you don't get jarred when you walk in the room by the sound of your own voice. However, it is not necessary to walk 2 ft away from me and go in the vestibule that echoes and talk as loud as you possibly can and disrupt the rest of us waiting. Go the fuck outside!!!! Not to mention that she had the sniffles (also i get it the weather is changing it happens...but blow your frigin nose do not sniffle directly in my ear...i only have patience for so long and then i will knock you out...again i have a lot of rage) and every two seconds in between her obnoxiously repeating the copy she would stop to sniffle and hack...ewww gross sick...i do not want whatever disease you are sellin thank though. Why can't people just be normal and conscientous of the fact that other people are around them?? ( I get the fact that some actresses are psycho and try to psyche other people out but really haven't you learned being annoying and bitchy only hurts you in the long run?) Anyway I think it went pretty decent...we will see. Check back for updates :)

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