Thursday, April 22, 2010

if you insist on treating me like a least give me my afternoon snack!!!

So about a week ago i got a lovely little note in the mail from the ny state dept of labor summoning me to a meeting to discuss my unemployment status and how to get back into the job market and get that "dream job" I have always wanted. (note the sarcasm) ok so basically there was like 50 of us shoved into a tiny little room all looking like we wanted to pull our brains out through our felt like we were all in trouble waiting to get called into the principles office and yelled at. I just loved getting lectured about how to find the career that is right for me on a sunny thursday afternoon, don't you? It literally was the most boring hour of my life (it was supposed to last are you gonna tell me for 2 hours that i can't find out myself on the internet...) they passed out these fliers on what websites to look for jobs at and all the free soul sucking i mean plain free seminars to go to so you can get more boring pointless information that you can find yourself...after they passed out like 20 some odd pages they then proceed to talk to you like you are in kindergarten and explain things that you can read yourself...seriously...and then after that excitingness they show you an awesome automated powerpoint going over...guess what...the exact same thing the lady just sat explaining for 20 minutes that is in those nice little packets she handed out to us...after this guided power point we then were instructed to remain staying seated in our seats( i was half hoping they were going to pass out milk and cookies...i mean if they insisted on treating us like children we should at least reap some benefits of it...) because we were going to be called individuially to meet with our special career counselors to see how we can improve upon our job search...i was like oh god this is going to take forever...luckily they called my name pretty quickly and i jumped up so fast im pretty sure my "counselor" got wind burn. Literally she was like "you jumped up so fast i thought there was a fire...i'll get you out of here so fast" she proceeds to take me to her cubicle print out more websites for me to search for jobs and send me on my way...but not before she informs me that this little meeting is a random selection of unemployed people...awesome just my luck...i thought it was mandatory for everyone who is unemployed but no no no....u r randomly selected to go to the 7th circle of hell...and sit for 2 hours and want to bash your head in...awesome!!!! But hey looking on the bright side with all the paper they gave me I could probably recycle it and make it into a tree or something for my apt