Thursday, May 13, 2010

the fastest quickie i ever had...

get your minds out of the gutter i'm talking about auditions what else. I was sent on a gosee for something or other (at this point i dont even bother to ask questions i just go and hope i can smile big enough to impress whoever i need to so they might want to throw me couple hudred bucks)So i am running to this gosee downtown in between my 2 classes (a body dynamic and voice) and am hoping i can get in get seen and get out realitively quickly...well be careful what you wish i am trying to find this place in the west village on some street i have never heard of (bethane st or something...and if you even think you have heard of it you are a dirty dirty liar...apparantly its by the west side highway and washington st in the cluster fuck that is the west village) so i am frantically running with my 20 million bags in my hand...ok maybe not 20 million but 2 really big ones that kept knocking me in the legs as i am trying to run which is definitley no bueno...i finally find this building and i think ok finally i made now all i have to do is take the elevator up to the 13 floor (yup lucky number 13) and i am home wrong i mean why would it be that no no.. as i am about to take the elevator i hear the building doorman screaming out here take this..clearly i am an asshole and have my ipod in so i dont think he is screaming to i attempt to get in the elevator and he again is screaming out "come here you need the directions" directions to what...narnia...i mean how complicated could this really be...well allow me to retype the nice little 'directions' they handed me... note the following is exactly what was written down word for word

Directions to 13th fl:
take elevators to the 9th fl.turn right. walk to the end of the hall and turn left do not take the single elevator go to the set of elevators. take either of these elevators to the 13th fl.

Did you all get that. yeah cuz if you didnt then your basically screwed. Doomed to walk the god awful amonia smelling hallways. So after I made it through the maze of hell that they call 'directions' i get up to the room where there about a million other girls in front of me. fine i am used to this. Normally it goes by pretty they line us up well lucky for me there were 2 girls in front of me the one girl they took like 10 minutes with having her pose in every pose possible and we hear...well we want to make sure you get a good you can either take this as something really nice like aww they care or your second option is to face the reality and face the music that for some reason or other this bitch is getting special treatment...ok so i am trying to remain calm but let me ask you how do you keep composure when you know you are about to walk into the lions den and get fed to the wolves or in my case you just know you are about to get screwed..(and not in a good way) while this girl is in there apparantly trying to get a good picture one of the guys who is monitoring the line comes out and is like 'ok guys they want to see personality they are gonna hire on personality.' ok this i know i have. I have alot personality hell i have multiple pick which one you want. But how in the world are u supposed to show your personality when you go in after little miss 20 min girl and nobody even looks up at you to aknowledge you (im not even kidding...these people didnt even tell me where to stand they just started snapping away and then it was over) it totally sucked not to mention the fact that i had just had body dynamics (its kind of like an intense stretch class) and my leg would not stop shaking...i probably looked like some nervous crack whore with a serious addiction problem that i was coming off of (they were probably like oh great another strong out poser) i so wanted to yell out i just had a stretch class im not on dope (yeah i said dope what up 1990) least it wasnt just me.. as i was getting in the elevator the girl who was standing behind me was like hold the elevator...yeah apparantly everyone after the perfect girl were all the losers and we all knew kind of reminded me of highschool where you run against the popular girl for office and everyone votes for her and you know that was what was gonna happen but you still want to think you have a chance anyway...oh that didnt happen to anyone else...hmmm...


  1. When I get home, babe
    Gonna light your fire
    All day
    I've been thinkin' about you, babe
    You're my one desire

    Gonna wrap my arms around you
    Hold you close to me
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    When you're layin' in my arms
    We do the things you do

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    Love you, need you, yeah

    I wanna kiss you all over
    And over again
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