Friday, June 18, 2010

raise your hand if your a dumb ass...oh wait thats me

So last night at about 1 am i get a text and an email from one of my modeling agents alerting me to the fact that i have a go see for the next day (luckily i was drinking my face off at the bar...real good for gosees the next day) so i got it in time. i wake up minorly hungover ( thank you dan murphy for convincing to "lets just see what is happening in trinity" and then drinking there til 4 in the am with some random ass guys who keep buying us drinks and insisting that we were a couple...we are so not...) so in my hungover haze i try to gather my stuff for the day and my dignity and pry myself off the couch and out the door. Because i am always a forward thinker i decide to load up my bag with my headshots and other necessary stuff i need to make it through the day (i was having lunch with a friend and straight from there i was going to the gosee and then to work and then to help do crew for one of my friends show...full these days when i just cant be a hungover couch potato like a normal person...) So after my amazing lunch...i decide it might be a good idea to look up where this said go see is...because i am awesome i realize that i have overlooked one huge detail the fact that i need to show up in "athletic gear" great i am all the way downtown and have no way of getting home and then gettting to the thing on because i am a thinker i run into the nearest store i can see victorias secret holding my breath hoping that they have some unassuming shorts and a tshirt that doesnt have victorias secret written obscenely across the ass or boobs. Im in luck i find a barely there up your crotch pair of short shorts... (dont judge they literally were like the only pair in the store) and a tshirt as i go up to pay the women behind the counter is badgering the crap out of me to sign up for some stupid card and i explain to her i cant that i am in a rush but just my luck the shorts dont have a tag so they have to go find them in the store and then the lady goes while you wait do u want to sign up for the card...frigin no lady i dont want your stupid underwear card i want those stupid up my ass shorts and to get the hell out of here without having a break down and punching you. (ok maybe thats a little harsh) so she finally finds the tag sells me this shite and i am off. now i just have to figure out where to change and i swear i thought about changing in the subway. ( i had a dress on i could have easily slipped the shorts under the dress and the shirt over and slipped it off) although even i couldnt bring myself to do that so i decided to be alot more classy and go into a mcdonalds and change however there was a line out the door so i being the smart girl i am decide to go into the guys bathroom and change...dont ever do this it was possibly one of the most horrific experiences of my life...not to mention the smell...bleh barfable...i also hear people calling me a bitch...well u know what i didnt cut the line..sorry u r not smart enough to or have better morals to figure that one out...i clearly dont and have no shame. So after i try to change as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there before some big black lady beats the shit out of me i now get the added pleasure of walking the streets in these skimpy barely there ass shorts. oh and did i mention i get lost and cant find the adress so my classy ass (literally my ass was hanging parents would be so proud) is wandering up and down park ave looking for this building..i finally find it and duck in...yeah i am awesome...dont be jealous of my coolness...


  1. Jackie thought he saw you on the street that day. He was going to offer you $5 to punch him in the yambag and say "What a lovely tea party".

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