Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just my luck

So a few months ago I had the brilliant idea to film a short scene for my reel and turn it into a mini film.Let me say that I talked to the playwright in advance and got her permission to film the scene for my reel. My intentions were for me to only use it for my reel. The director who filmed it when he finished the copy put it online so I could see it (bcse I am now 3000 miles away) while he sends me the copy. Somehow in the 5 minutes it was put online the playwright managed to see it and sent me an email asking me to take it offline.( Now that's fine I understand that i guess i mean she did write it so i have to respect her wishes...) however the ironic part and this would only happen to me is that she wanted me to take it down because it is in development to be an actual film and she didnt want other versions out there online. How ironic is that I randomly find this piece (which wasnt easy to find hence y i contacted the playwright in the first place) and its right after i decide to produce it for my reel its actually getting produced. lol the whole thing just gives me the giggles the one thing i decide to produce so does somebody else for real (which makes me sort of wonder if she got the idea when i contacted her or if this was in the works for a while and if it was how come she didnt mention it to me when i asked her if i could use it for my real..??? hmm interesting ill have to get sherlock on that one). On the other hand at least i am in the right direction with picking good material...I can't wait to see who is gonna be in this production...