Sunday, November 21, 2010

randomness or maybe not so much

so im just gonna say it...i have a tendency to cry at really inapropriate times mostly when i am sitting in church thinking about what the f i am doing with my life...being an actor as most actors know it is really easy to get upset and down when you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel...all these thoughts go rushing through your head of maybe other things you should be doing and if it will ever get any better...the hope is that yes it will and in order to appreciate the good things we must go through the bad things first... (i do have a point to this bare with me) and this whole time the priest keeps talking about trust and that the lord will bring you through and i tend to find myself wanting to believe this but getting bogged down in the reality of my life right now... so anyways i am having a bad day and just want to get under my covers and sleep the day away when i get an email and the subject was just actress? and im thinking okay this is probably another wierd spam email and if i email them back its probably gonna be for like some wierd porn or something like i was talking to my friend jesse and he was like look up the person who sent you the i was like genius!!!! so i did and randomly i came across this person with the same name (not sure if this was the person who emailed me or not) but on their profile was a quote that i think was quite apropo to my life right now and it said "if god led you to it he can get you through it..." and then i kept thinking yeah it might be hard right now but ultimitaley i have to keep believing that god has a plan for my life and if i keep trusting him he will lead me to where i need to be.

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