Monday, March 7, 2011

Mumblers need to die!!!!

Ok so that may be a little harsh...but i have recently started working at a new establishment where most of the clintele speaks another language...not only can i not understand their other language (clearly i am as white as they come...well white speaking and when people ask me what i am and i respond italian and they respond with well can you speak it and i cleverly quip back with only the curse words...quick side note...i went over to a table of guys the other day and this exact interchange happens so of course i say "no but i can cuss you out in italian" to which these guys were like we want to or course i say it...sorry dad...i then learn that this just happens to be the table of the owners lil brother...yeah i just told my owners lil bro to go f himself in italian...awesome)but i also cant understand when they mumble what they want...i then have to be the jackass who repeadtly asks "im sorry what did you say" with a polite smile on my face while thinking in my head speak the f up how the hell am i supposed to get you anything when i cant understand what the hell you are saying. and the best is when i ask them to repeat what they want they just akwardly stare at me like i have just sprouted two dragon heads look at each other say to each other what did she just say...they then have to decipher what the idiot white girl has just asked them in their native tongue..while probably giving me a few of their own 'special' words, while i am just standing there like a moron repeating myself like a god damned parrot..they then look at me after they have deciphered my so multilayered question of can you please repeat that give me a look of disgust and then they still mumble what they i then now get to place the awesome guessing game in my head of deciphering wtf you just said...the best was the girl who i heard speaking english and then when i asked her what she wanted she stared at her friend to interpret they spoke in their language and then the friend had to look at me and tell me what her friend wanted...listen bitch i know you speak english i heard you... dont look at me like i am the asshole when i am just trying to help you...and this is when the rage comes out..get excited for more stories to come

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