Monday, May 23, 2011

raise your hand if you know what the hell is going on....

So as we all know i had to start the oh so awesome job search again...well needless to say it wasnt going so hot..however a ray of sunshine fell into my lap...seemingly out of the blue this woman called me who i had interviewed with like back in nov called me and asked me if i was still looking for a job and that she had a position open...apparantly she remembered really liking me and thought i would fit in really well....sweetness...this almost seemed to good to be true...of course the skeptic in me is thinking if it seems to good to be true it probably is but the other part of me that is trying to be optimistic because i really needed this i like the anal rentive person i am call to confirm the night before about training but there is no awnser so i just leave a message....i dont hear back from her the next day but i figure the responsible thing to do would be to show up i get there and there is no sign of this chickadee...not only is there no sign of her but she is also not picking up her i walk around and find supposdly the owner he speaks very little english and seemingly has no idea that i have been hired there. He keeps trying to hand me an application and telling me to come back another day and i keep trying to explain to him that i have already filled out an application and interviewed and i am here to this point another waitress shows up and i try explaining it the situation to her at which point she goes i have no idea i just got hired this is only my second day...she then tries explaining it to the owner that i am here to work not to interview at which point he looks at me shakes his head and goes "i dont know..i already hired girl this morning" wtf...i am thinking in my head so i just sit there siliently raging and tell him i will just wait for the girl who hired me and talk to her...chaos then breaks out when two of the waitresses who were supposed to show up both call out sick and there is no one to train me and did i mention no one can get a hold of the head girl...finally another girl shows up out of the woodwork who then informs me that today is a "wierd chaotic day" and that the manager will get in touch with me to come in another day and train....awesome....chaos chaos chaos....i later learned that the job i was supposed to get went to a chick that the owner hired without telling the manager...however god is good and they have another restaraunt that some girl just quit from....i can't ever imagine why...and i can take that spot....oh how i love the never ending cycle of surving...well kids it looks like im not gonna end up living in a box...yet

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