Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why i highly despise other actors

So i was at this audition today and no sooner had i sat down then i heard this blonde biatch barbie turn to the other chick she was sitting next to and go "omg did i just shoot an episode of modern family with you" "clearly the other bitch is looking at her like she has two heads and was like "um wish" and the blonde continues "omg cuz i just did this costar role (aka under five dont be thinking you are that special) and the girl who did a guest star role looked just like you" (wow way to slyly insult her and crush her dream all at once...that takes real talent to be that kind of passive agressive bitchy and no she wasnt saying it in a nice way she was saying in a typical la i'm pretty therefor im better than you so let me rub in your face all my sweet ass accomplishments...) i hate and love people like that all at the same time...hate them because they are stupid tw**s who think they are better than the common folk but love them because a) i can make fun of them and b) it gives me motivation cuz when i hear shit like that i just think to myself...i may not have any costar roles now and i may not get this job and i may currently have a job that makes me want to throw sharp things at the whole of humanity and alert them to the fact that they infact are morons...but one day im gonna win and oscar... or at least thats what i like to tell myself as i cry into my pillow at night...i kid i kid...jk... on a side note im prob not gonna book that job i dont think its a good sign when you walk into the room and everytone there is laughing at you...or it just looks like they are...and even if they arent i still think that they are...real good for the confidence level...stellar...

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